Swimming Pool

JBT Greentech is a leader in the Water Treatment and Swimming Pool Plants with a relevant experience. Since swimming pools are advanced engineering excellence and design that goes well with the environs, today great attention is given to its implementation. Crystal clear water in your swimming pool is no magic. It is a result of perfectly balanced water chemistry, water circulation filtration systems.

The expertise and skill sets that we have at hand is unmatched in the Industry and they enable us to deliver superior services to our clients, In other words We are a one stop shop for all your water related requirements.

    Types of Pools
  • Olympic
  • Semi Olympic
  • Infinity
  • Overflow Type
  • Indoor
  • Skimmer Type
  • Diving Pool
    We offer:
  • Pumps & Pre-filter
  • Filters
  • Under water lights & Accessories
  • Basin Equipments
  • Ladders & Handles
  • Pool Maintenance & Equipments
  • Disinfection Equipments
  • Chemicals & Test Kits
  • Gratings
  • Jacuzzi / spa


JBT Greentech Jacuzzi Systems & Spa are designed for elegance & relaxations. Our Products and superior technology unite warmth, water and air in unique stimulating configuration to help rejuvenate, refresh, relax & reconnect.